We received hundrends of different questions from our customers during past 30 years. In order to make you more familiar with us and our products, we listed the frequently asked questions below. In case those answers are not enough for you, you can send a message through our contact form 

“What is the lifetime of a mechanism? What kind of faults may raise with the mechanisms?”

Folding bed mechanisms, also designed and produced by Multimo, have a minimum 10 years of lifetime and this period may extend much longer depending on a careful usage. 35 years old Multimo products are still working and being used in homes and offices safely. Only, you may need to change the gas spring of mechanism after averagely 7 years (Duration may change depending on proper usage of beds.)

“Is there any risk of collapsing by an earthquake?”

Our furnitures consist of wooden panels as all standart furnitures. Furnitures are fixed at the wall by metal connections. Being a folding bed does not raise any extra risk at these furnitures other than standart furnitures..

“Does it open/close by itself?”

Multimo Furniture ensures opening and closing function of all wall beds with gas-springs. The nature of gas-spring only lets it operate when an opposite-power applied. This means, if a certain man-power is not applied, the system does not open or close itself, so the bed does not move..

“How can i assemble or disassemble?”

Multimo products are being assembled by minifix connections and so can be easily disassembled. An experienced person can assemble the furniture by following the instructions that come within the boxes.

“What is the guarantee period and lifetime of the products?”

Official guarantee of Multimo products is 2 years. Lifetime of all products is 10 years.

“What is the time period that product requires a technical service?”

Under normal conditions, gas-springs may change every 7 years.

“What material do you use?”

Our all products are produced with laminated chipboard in EU quality standarts. The mattress bases are supported by aluminium frame and slats for extra comfort and increasing the durableness. All visible and hidden edges are side banded.

“Inner bearing weight”

must be used with minimum 16 Kg mattress

must be used with minimum 24 Kg mattress