• Our key to success in solving our customers' placement challenges. It is our technical expertise and collaborative spirit that makes the concept a reality.
  • Reference projects not only in our country, but also in many countries where high quality standards are valid such as the USA, England, Germany.
  • At Multimo, we are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative space-saving solutions for small apartments, offices and rental properties.
  • Multimo prioritizes minimal environmental impact and uses manufacturing practices that respect the planet and society.
  • Our application of creativity to solve our customers' challenges, our technical expertise that makes concept a reality, and our collaborative spirit are all measures of our success.


Warm, practical, efficient and low-cost Container Houses with small square meters can become very enjoyable thanks to the right decoration preferences and products that offer user-friendly and practical solutions.You can create functional areas for yourself with a small touch in the decoration of the house, and you can use these new areas as you wish with the help of practical products. 


Creating a functional and organized space is our specialty. Our wall beds and multifunctional sets will transform any basic student apartment into an efficient and airy home.Exceptional quality and clever design make Multimo furniture the obvious choice for campus housing projects of all sizes.


Big city living comes with its challenges, and the biggest one is smaller living spaces. We love helping our customers to create a livable and comfortable space in the hearts of big cities.This cute apartment couldn’t take a full room of standard furniture, like a sofa, a double bed, and some storage. Instead, our customer chose to go with a queen size wall bed with a comfortable 2 seat sofa and a couple of storage cabinets.


You can choose the right furniture for your vacation rental or Nowa Queen to maximize space and profits. Our modern wall bed systems are compact enough to fit in the smallest room and provide ample storage space.Host more guests by adding a wall bed to your vacation rental property. We also offer protection plans that cover unexpected damage.
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Our Space-Saving Projects